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We're not your typical cpa firm. Instead, we go beyond traditional accounting services. Adding valuable insight and guidance to your growth process. Daniel Ratliff & Company has the tool to help you prosper.

our clients

“We enjoy working with Daniel, Ratliff & Company because they have always taken a great interest in helping our business in any way they can, including bringing excellent resources to the table for all type of services, not just financial.”

Daniel, Ratliff & Company
Jacqueline Ford
Co-owner and President of Great Food Services, Inc., a Burger King franchisee with multiple locations

our philosophy

We believe we are rewarded only to the extent that we add value to those we are privileged to serve. At Daniel, Ratliff & Company, we are here to serve you and to help your business achieve its goals. We do so by learning your business and the challenges you face, then working with you to guide you toward success.